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LifeGreen™ Cactus Powder

Malaysia’s largest, award-winning
cactus powder brand

In 5 years,
we have helped over 32,000 families in tackling –

Uterine Growths

(Fibroids, cysts, tumors, etc)

Breast Lumps

(Cysts, tumors, etc)

Cancer & Chemotherapy

Post-surgery Recovery

General Immunity

Why LifeGreen™ ?

Hormone-free  ·  No reliance issues

Mexican Nopal Cactus

Suppress tumor growth Scientifically proven to effective in curbing lump growth and spread


Nutrient supplementation French-patented formula with 22 concentrated fruit and vegetable

Italian Mixed Berries

High in antioxidants Savory with just the right amount of sweetness


Combat abnormal cell growth Sulforaphane induces abnormal cell apoptosis and reduces abnormal cell spread & replication

9 Benefits

of LifeGreen™ Cactus Powder

Inhibit tumor & abnormal cell growths

Reduce risk of lump recurrence & abnormalities

Suppress abnormal cell replication & spread

Induce abnormal cell death

Helps rebuild immunity for chemotherapy patients

Prevent chronic inflammatory diseases

Support the liver’s ability to eliminate waste

Reduces cell damage & slows aging

Helps surgical wound healing

Our Ultimate Goal
is to help you regain your Health

All reviews and testimonials listed here are collected from our clients with their permission. All personal information have been removed or altered to protect their identity.

CA125 drops to normal

Ms. C. Loo,

Hello, just recently went for a blood test. The report is out, originally CA125 was 139 above average, now its 16.3, considered good improvement 😄


Helped PCOS irregular periods

Ms. Tracy C.,

Helped my period and constipation issues. My period has been regular these two months and I hope this month will be the same, usually my period only come every 3-4 months


Breast lump gone

Ms. Y.M.,

Really good. I took it before cause had breast lump and the doctor asked me to remove it surgically. I took for half a year and scan again, the breast lump is gone 😊


Cancer marker dropped

Ms. Carmen. C.,

Last month I went for a blood test, my cancer marker dropped. Before was 183, now drop to 53. 


Deal with chemotherapy better

Ms. K. K. Fong,

I’m currently undergoing chemo. I take 3 days after the treatment, body feels much better and more energetic. 


Breast cyst shrunk

Ms. C. Chong,

taking one packet a day and it’s my 13th day taking it now. (I’m very nervous, I keep self-checking every day) Got improvements because can feel that the cyst become smaller, never thought I can see the effects so fast, very happy about it. 


Healthier flow & no more discharge

Ms. K. W.,

I guess after a month of drinking it my period colour get more bright, no more dark red colour, I used to have a lot of leukorrhea and the odor smells like 🙈, after 4months of drinking it, I feel like all the symptoms I had seem no more


Reduce heavy bleeding

Ms. F. Jr.,

After 3 days of consistent taking, my heavy menses blood n blood clots have reduced much, and fyi i only took doc medcn once per day instead of 3 times to reduce heavy menses. Today is my 5th day, I felt energetic and much less menses blood


Regulate flow, less blood clots

Ms. J. H. Ang,

This month I don’t see any blood clot. Yah, I can see 2nd and 3rd day not so much bleeding


More energetic, less bloating

Ms. M. Xavier,

So far I noticed that my energy levels are better and I don’t have period cramps like I used too and I also noticed that my tummy is not bloated like before


Adenomyosis symptoms improved

Ms. A. Khoo,

I think since I take ur product for a mth+, my endomyosis shrink dy.. coz tummy no more bloating and dun have the feeling like my kidney being pressed..Idunno..I just feel good!!


No more cramps & bloating

Ms. P. Shanti,

I feel more confident… I think this month my menses was slightly better than before n I don’t have period pain. I can’t believe it.. I skipped the bloated pain n cramps this month….


Fibroid shrunk from 8cm to 6cm

Ms. X.C. Goh,

Hi! Today during fibroid checkup the doctor said it isn’t growing larger anymore so there’s no need to operate 😊 It’s a bit smaller now, 6cm


Ovarian endometrioma shrunk

Ms. M.L. Ng,

Good news! I took LifeGreen for around 3 months and my chocolate cyst shrunk. The second photo left few mm, doctor had a hard time finding it 😂😂 


Cysts are gone

Ms. Emily G.,

Oh great 😊😊👍 Thanks… Tat day i went back for scan…doc says cannot find my cysts … Disappeared! Haha


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